Quarantine Days

March 22, 2020

Unfortunately, I think we are in for a lot more quarantine days. This thing doesn’t show any sign of stopping this month. The last blog post had ideas for what to do indoors on quarantine days. I suggested some YouTube channels for your sports fix. You can read that here.

Quarantine Day being outside
Going down the slide, side by side

The other thing that you can do is head outside. Of course, practice social distancing and get out there. Take the risk of being cold, bundle up in layers and dress appropriately. Your body will thank you and your mental health will thank you. We need sunshine and fresh air to continue living happily and healthy.

My boy was a little stir crazy and since the sun was shining, we decided we should go for a “hike”. This hike was supposed to be us trouncing through the wet grass at the park next door looking for trails. what it really was, is us trouncing through the wet grass pointing out and dodging piles of dog poop. People, CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PETS!!!!

Boat Races

As the snow was melting, we headed towards a large drainage ditch. One of our favorite past times is racing boats. We will grab a stick, leaf, or whatever and drop them in the water and see which floatie will get to a predetermined point first. I love doing this with my kid. He gets the excitement of a race and is learning what will float the furthest the fastest. The best part is we are spending quality time together talking about what we are doing and making memories.

After boat races and more dog poop, we headed for his school playground. He wanted to do the big slide and play on the equipment so we did. It was a lot of fun. We climbed the jungle gym and the boy even asked for me to go down a slide side by side. I wasn’t sure I would fit but gave it a go anyway. More memories.

Go Outside and Make Some Memories

Kids Understand Their Parents are Stressed

My boy isn’t really a risk taker at this age. He is probably more cautious and safety conscience than a 5 year old should be. He is still working on using his balance bike and always wants to wear his helmet. His helmet is the sweet R2-D2 kind. I hope to get him trained and riding a pedal bike by the end of the summer. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he is going to learn with minimal scrapes and cuts. It is nice to see him improve each time we take the bike out and he was loving being outside. It sure beats sitting on the couch.

The other thing about being outside is being able to forget about the worries. Kids do feel when their parents are stressed and going out to play relieves that stress for some. I know it helped my family calm down quite a bit. I find it important to teach that during all the craziness, a person is able to find peace and comfort by being active. You can be smart and stay away from others while maintaining a healthy balance. You can continue to be active during quarantine days it just may look different than normal. I also think it is not a matter of it you get the coronavirus but more a matter of when you get it. Please keep your distance and enjoy the outdoors.

Well until next time, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Get outside and soak up some sun.