Nike Air Precision II Basketball Shoes Long Term Review

January 17, 2021

Cromwell Sports review of Nike Air Precision II Basketball Shoes.

Nike Air Precision II
Used hard and still looking good

Let me start out by saying, I was not a Nike guy for basketball shoes. I always preferred the look of Adidas and had a pair of the Superstar 2g for my daily shoes. I did not change for at least ten years. Shoutout to my wife for allowing me to wear those Adidas for the first part of our marriage and thank you for “softly” persuading me to look at other styles of footwear. You truly are a peach.

The last two pairs of basketball shoes I have owned are Nike. They have completely won me over. The style has been on point. The durability has been great. The comfort has been wonderful. Nike shoes are easy to find online and at many department stores.

The lockdown is nice and I prefer a tight shoe.

Lets start with the colorway. I am a fan of solid colors. While I can dig some of the bold colors like bright orange and neon green, I prefer the sleek design of a black shoe. The black and gold colorway does it for me. The matte finish of the shoe is what I prefer. They do not look like the shiny slip resistant shoes you wear to your first day on the job. Gold accents add a little flare to an understated design and the gray patch in the middle helps break up the look.

The shoes fit pretty true to size. My feet are average. I would not say that I have anything out of the ordinary. Not too wide, one foot is not bigger than the other, the arches are the same. You get the picture. Black shoelaces on top complete the look. This is a high top. For fear of twisting my ankles, I only play in high tops. The support up top feels pretty decent as long as they are laced tight. The lockdown is nice and I prefer a tight shoe. There are no loose spots when laced and locked.

Durability has been exceptional. I am not easy on shoes. Sometimes I leave them outside in the car on those cold winter nights and use them before they get a chance to really warm up. If I have not left them in the car, I inevitably leave them on a heater vent inside the house. That’s just sort of how it goes. My shoes tend to have a rough life. On top of treating them terribly, I use them until they are worn out and (completely) useless. if there is no hole in the sole, they have some life left.

Don’t expect me to blow out of shoes like Zion did.

The Nike Air Precision II has held up very well. I used them for around 1 year only playing in the gym. If I had not played outside on concrete courts this summer, I expect I would have gotten another year out of them as an inside only shoe.

Nike Precision 2 toe
I drag my toe before jumping

It did take around 3 months for the shoe to start breaking down when playing outside. Remember this was after 1 year of solid use indoor so I am fairly sure that They would have lasted at least 6 months of strictly outdoor use. The toebox was the first thing to go. I drag my right foot on my penultimate step when jumping and I had used them for several “dunk” sessions and some jump training. After the sole had ripped and exposed the toe, the top foam started to fray and come apart from the shoe. This took around 3 months to finally be exposed and I was playing 3 times a week leading to the shoe being used between 3-6 hours a week.

I was mindful of conditions every time I stepped on to the court and adjusted my play accordingly.

While the toe was starting to go, so was the sole. Let’s not kid ourselves, concrete is unkind to the body and unkind to shoes. While the sole was deteriorating, I never felt like the shoe contributed to lower back discomfort, joint, or foot pain. The concrete was unkind but I did not experience any extra pain due to the shoe. For comfort on the slab, the Nike faired much better than other shoes I have had.

Nike Precision 2 sole
No holes but the sole has worn through

The reason I decided to finally retire the shoe was due to the lack of traction. I had almost completely worn through the sole. Pair a worn sole with any kind of moisture on concrete and it is a recipe for disaster. I was mindful of conditions every time I stepped on to the court and adjusted my play accordingly. This is not the shoes fault. This is the owner squeezing every last little bit of life out of these things.

Overall Thoughts on the Nike Air Precision II Basketball Shoes

My overall impression is that the shoe met and exceeded all of my expectations. They look great, were comfortable, and especially durable. After one year and six months I am sad to see them go. They earned their battle scars. They are still available on Amazon and at other retail stores. If I were not looking to test and review another brand or style, I would buy them again. The colorway is versatile. I still think they look great and they went with (almost) every pair of shorts and top that I could throw together. The price is right too. I have seen the price as low as $55 or as high as $75. It does depend on the colorway and the black and gold typically has the higher price.

Play Style

I think it is important to understand someone’s play style and strengths when judging their reviews. I am not overly athletic anymore. Flat out, I am slow, can barely jump, and I am not very quick laterally. My explosiveness is pretty well gone. Bottom line, don’t expect me to blow out of shoes like Zion did. Those days are long gone if I was every powerful enough to explode a shoe.

My play style includes all of the basic things a body must do to play the sport at a low level. I run, jump, stop and change directions. What I am trying to say is, I do not demand a whole lot from the shoe. I go to a spot and wait to catch and shoot. If you need an example you can see how I play, check my YouTube Channel here.

That wraps it up for the Nike Air Precision II review. If you liked this review, comment below to let me know other products you would like to see me try out.

Until next time, play hard and stay cool.