Dunk Attempt

My Dunk Story

January 29, 2020

A Story about the desire to dunk and getting one in game.

When I was a third grader, we moved to a town that had a low basket for the kids. It was affectionately called the weenie goal by the older kids. This rim was probably around 7 foot or so. I wanted to dunk. I loved playing on that court as an elementary student and would spend hours at the playground messing around, perfecting my technique, and teaching my body how to put the ball in the hole.

As the years went by, I kept moving towards higher and higher goals. I spent a lot of time on an 8 foot goal that was in my grandparent’s town. There was a full court that had 8 foot baskets and the kids would gather there in the evenings. We had plenty of “dunk contests” back then and most of us could do 5 or 6 decent dunks. I moved on to 9 foot goals and then finally to 10 footers.

Morning Crew players attempting the Slam Dunk. Attempting to add to my dunk story

I got my first dunk in between my 8th grade year and freshman year of high school. We were playing basketball in a summer league and I could easily throw down. The older players were very surprised at this skinny kid who could jump like crazy. One of the larger athletes (6’8″ or so) commented that he had heard the rumors and thought that I had to be jammin on a short hoop. He did not believe it until he witnessed it in his own gym.

Finally, I reached my goal.

Fast forward to the actual basketball season. All I wanted was to dunk in traffic in game. I did not really care about anything else. It had to be in game to count as a “real” slam. During a JV game, there was a chance. I noticed a hole in the defense was opening up down the middle every time I had the ball on the left side. The left side was is my strong side because I have terrible handles and can only dribble right handed. I caught the ball on the left wing…there was my opportunity. Driving hard to the hoop, I flushed down a one handed jam. Finally, I reached my goal. During that same game I got the opportunity two more times and took advantage each time. I felt good, the team, and the coaches were fired up. The future looked bright and it was.

20 years (or more) into the future, that feeling needs to come back. I have decided that it is time to get into better shape and see if the dream can become a reality once more. I want to be able to document the journey and show that goals can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Follow me on this quest and share the triumphs and setbacks as they come along.


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