I Miss Basketball, What to do during quarantine.

March 20, 2020

Its only been a week since the gyms have been shut down nationwide, and you know what, I miss basketball. Below are some ideas of what to do during quarantine.

So as we are all aware, Covid-19, Coronavirus has the whole world shut down right now. Sporting events and seasons have been cancelled from high school sports to professional sports. The NBA has cancelled their season and the YMCA has cancelled basketball until April 18th at the earliest. I had plans to go play outside and a freaking blizzard has come through Colorado. I. Miss. Basketball.

Ok so a blizzard did not really come through. There is snow on the ground and it is freezing cold out there. We will not be playing outside anytime soon…well this is Colorado so it may be 70 degrees tomorrow. Anyhoo chances are good we will be left wanting over the next month and who knows if things will change by then.

What to do during quarantine…

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In the meantime, we do have another game of old man basketball on the Cromwell Sports YouTube channel. There is a ton of basketball and other sports related content out there. I suggest FlemLo Raps who has NFL and XFL content along with a great what happened to series. For Classic NBA content, The Basketball Time Machine is pretty decent. AJ Lapray, Jenna Bandy, and NBA Playmakers are also entertaining. You all can find something entertaining if you start with any of those channels. And by the way, Cromwell Sports doesn’t have any affiliation with them they are just channels that I enjoy and think you may enjoy too. And of course, do not forget about the Broncos Country Blitz!!! podcast with Ryan. He has a ton of good material and insight on the Broncos free agency roster pick ups.

If you need to catch up on reading, check out my other blog posts. Feel free to comment and interact. Cromwell Sports’ goal is to have a thriving community with relationships built through sports. If shopping and spending money is what you need, we got that covered too. Check out the Amazon links and find some cool sports gear or equipment.

Or sit back and relax with the old television. There is nothing wrong with a little indulgence during these weird times.

Even though I miss basketball, I definitely know what I will do during quarantine. Until next time play hard, and keep cool.