Football Season is Upon Us

August 21, 2021

Who is ready for some football? Here at the Cromwell, we get excited as football season is upon us. I cannot wait for the drama to unfold this season. Who will win the big game? Will your team make the playoffs? How competitive will your fantasy team be? Only time will tell.

After the departure of Peyton Manning and our last Super Bowl win, Bronco fans have been a little blue. Hopefully this year is going to be better. The QB race is certainly heating up and it appears that a clear winner has been selected. The draft went well and Broncos nation is excited to see how our new players will stack up to the rest of the league.

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I am really excited for the weather to change and to have an excuse to stay inside on a Sunday and watch Football. The players keep us engaged while the coaches come up with the game plan. While I love playing basketball, I think football is the best sport to follow and watch. I love the length of the season and that they play one game per week. The format of the season is a lot easier to follow and I can take 4 hours out of my week to watch a game. Compare the football season to the basketball season where there are multiple games per week and I save a lot of time by not following the NBA season. MLB, Forget about it.

Who doesn’t love a good Super Bowl party?

Who doesn’t love a good Super Bowl party? All the food, beer, and treats that one could eat. My favorite part is the atmosphere. I love being around family and friends for the big game. Sometimes the hardest part about Super Bowl Sunday is choosing the right place to go. What are your favorite party snacks? Leave a comment below. My favorite snack has got to be wings. BBQ low ‘n slow or double fried, doesn’t matter. I haven’t met a wing I didn’t like (minus the real hot ones).

With football season upon us, who do you want to win?

So who is your team? List yours in the comments below. Does your team have a shot at winning the title? I am optimistic about Denver’s chances this year. We have a good opportunity to make the playoffs. Our division is tough and the Kansas City Chiefs are likely the favorite. If Drew Lock can put together some good runs on offense, our D will be tough enough to keep the opponent’s score down. We could certainly have a Cinderella season as the odds are against us. Hopefully Broncos Country can limit the expectations for our young team and especially the quarterback. We have been spoiled with our Hall of Fame quarterback is John Elway and Peyton Manning. Maybe we will get lucky and obtain Aaron Rodgers for next year. I wouldn’t cry if Tom Brady came to us in the twilight of his career either.

Broncos 21-22 season schedule

Go Broncos and until next time, play hard and stay cool.