Farewell Caleb. Make us Proud

February 24, 2020
Good luck in the future buddy.

Today we say farewell Caleb. Caleb does not look at the basket when he shoots a layup. Instead he puts his head down and goes as fast as he can and uses his long reach to try and put the ball when his opponent cannot block it. He has an unusual style when it comes to basketball.

Love him or hate him, Caleb has been a fixture of Briargate Morning Crew Basketball for the last three years. He has been playing with the crew longer than I have. Starting as a lanky high school kid, Caleb is now a full grown adult. He is transitioning into adulthood just fine and I am sure his parents could not be more proud.

He shoots his shot.

Even though he did not know it, Caleb has been teaching me a thing or two about life. Not through his words but through his actions. See, Caleb is Caleb. Some of us sit back and contemplate everything we do and second guess ourselves a little too much. Caleb blazes ahead at every opportunity he sees. On the court, he has a short memory, he does not care if he just missed two shots, when he gets the chance for a third, he is taking it. When he gets the ball, he does whatever move he thinks he needs to do and he deals with the consequences when they come. His actions could result in a turnover or he may make an unorthodox pass that results in an easy bucket. Caleb is Caleb.

I couldn’t find the highlights so he has to live with this memory on this page.

Caleb does what he wants to do. I admire that. He puts his head down and goes as fast as he can towards his goal. Caleb shoots his shot. In this regard, I want to be like Caleb, except I will look at the hoop when I shoot. Farewell Caleb, and good luck in the future my friend. We wish you well.