Cromwell Sports and CW Sports JR Having More Outdoor Fun

July 11, 2021

Here at the Cromwell, it isn’t always about basketball. Sometimes we like to have more outdoor fun in other ways.

This year, we have gotten a decent amount of snow. That is not always something that happens along the front range of Colorado. Often, we get this weird powdery snow that barely covers the ground. Forget about being able to pack it into snowballs. This is not the north and our snow tends to melt the day after a storm.

Snowball Makers and Sleds

We have had some pretty decent hauls this year that have allowed the kids to use their sleds. We have received a nice amount that gives our young sledders a thrill on the tiny hill in the park. Our little ones are quite cautious and trying out the small hill first has been amazing. It took some coaxing but after two runs, our 2 year old was laughing and loving it. The 6 year old got some enjoyment from it too and was wanting to go faster and further each time.

Court drying the day after a snowstorm

In Colorado, it is not unheard of to have 40-60 degree days in December and throughout the rest of the winter. I have started to clear the basketball court so it will dry and we can play on those warm days. Clearing the court means that we have a nice big pile of snow to play with. We have yet to combine the basketball court snow and the snow that the pickleball crew clears but I think that will be in the works. We will have double the snow and double the fun.

The Idea of staying in a snow cave was brand new

The boy and I decided to build a snow shelter. I have not done this since I was a child and it was really fun to tap into that childlike energy. This was his first experience with a large amount of snow. He started by trying to dig a small hole in the pile and then quickly progressed to making it larger. As I piled on more snow, he wanted to tunnel through it.

Part of the beauty of sports and community is when people meet for the first time. While clearing the court, another man joined in to help. He is one of the guys who coordinates the pickleball group playing and clearing their court. These guys have an amazing dedication and had a group clearing their court. Sometimes they even bring out their leaf blowers to dry theirs and make it playable that day. Anyway, we had a good chat and he was very helpful. He even shared a story with my boy about how he had created a snow shelter and stayed the night in one.

Boy in the snow
CW Sports JR working on his Quinzee

Have More Outdoor Fun

My boys eyes lit up as the idea of staying in a snow cave was brand new to him. He was not sure how sleeping in the snow could keep him warm and alive. After clearing the court and making the fort, we were able to come inside and research igloos and other types of snow shelters. Needless to say, we had a good time.

Maybe one day we will be brave enough to try out a snow fort or stay at an ice hotel. For now, I think we will leave that up to the hardcore adventurers. Until then, get outside in the winter, find an activity, and have more outdoor fun.


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