Colorado State Tournament Cancelled

March 13, 2020

I am sad to say that the Colorado state tournament has been cancelled. Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) has decided to call off the tournament. Denver University decided to close it’s facilities due to the fear of coronavirus spreading . When DU closed, CHSAA decided to cancel tournaments at the remaining facilities. This comes at the same time that the NCAA tournament and NBA decided to suspend/cancel the remainder of their games.

Sad Day for High School Sports Fans

This is a sad day for those high school teams that made it in. Can you imagine working so hard and then not being able to complete the season? I feel bad for the Senior class and their families. This may have been their one and only chance to win the championship and bring the title to their school. I hope all those players moving to the net level have already committed to their respective colleges. For those players on the bubble, good luck. I hope you are still recruited even if the recruiters did not get a chance to see you against the highest level of competition this year.

Will there be a champion for each class? Is there going to be an asterisk next to each team with a note saying they were in the hunt for a championship?

I understand the desire to keep everyone safe so CHSAA has made the right decision. It is also snowing outside as I write this so I am glad I did not have to travel like I had originally planned. My mom, stepdad and myself were going to share an air bnb for the weekend and catch the games. Not only was I looking forward to a weekend with family, I was also hoping to watch and cover some great games. Coverage from Thursday’s games for all classes are here. 1A brackets are here and I am guessing you can find the 2A, 3A, 4A, and 5A with a little more searching. Not that the Thursday results or brackets matter at this point.

Magic is in the Air

There is something to be said for championship tournaments. Magic is in the air at each venue. Similar to March Madness NCAA, anything can happen and nothing is predictable. Teams that go unbeaten may have softer schedules and teams with low seeding may have the competitive edge because they are battle tested. This may be a little biased here but I always expect a team coming from the south east region to win or finish top 3.

Back to the atmosphere. I have not been to a state tournament since 2002. I watched the Cheraw Wolverines win their second title. Cheraw went back to back in 2001 and 2002. I happened to be a part of the 2001 team. It was a fun and exciting time. Being a senior and a basketball only athlete that year, going to and winning state was the ultimate goal. Our team went undefeated through the regular season and was ranked number 1 all season. There were two undefeated teams going into the tournament.

Throwback to the 2001 Colorado 1A Basketball Champions. Image used to show a previous team author was on.
2001 State Champion Cheraw Wolverines

I imagine that this year’s games still have that magic and I was hoping to tap into it and write about it. As they say, better luck next time. I remain hopeful that they may make up the games in the future although with only two months left of school (barring makeup time for closures) it doesn’t seem realistic. This is a sad time for the athletes who did not get to complete the season and be put into the history books. Good thing we still have old man basketball on YouTube to follow. Until next time, play hard and stay cool.