Morning Crew Basketball

Squad picture of members of the Briargate Morning Crew.  Picture Taken prior to a shooting contest.

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This is the place to play friendly pickup basketball in Colorado Springs. A great spot for us old guys to come together and play basketball in Colorado Springs. The range of ages are from 21 (and sometimes younger) to 66. We do not care if you are male or female, young or old. If you can move, you can play. Bring a light and dark shirt or reversible jersey and join us. Check out the videos and feel free to comment. If you think you can beat us, try your luck. Comment and link your videos. Lets see if you pass the eyeball test. Comment in the blog here.

Morning Crew Mini Games

3pt contest from member of the Briargate Morning Crew

It’s always fun to test skills after a few hours of playing. Watch as members of the Morning Crew do battle in all types of mini games. Who will come out on top and separate themselves from the rest of the group? Find out by watching the videos above.

Complete Games from the Morning Crew

Watch some of the complete games from the Morning Crew Sessions. We may not be the prettiest group of people out there but we do know how to have fun. Always a good group of people to connect with. Share your knowledge, learn a new trick, or simply hang out and play. The more we share the better we will all become.

High School Basketball Games

Kim Mustangs take on the Walsh Eagles at Home.

The above link is for the small amount of high school basketball that is covered on the channel. Mostly rural towns and tournaments from around the state. Full games when possible. Video, final scores, or recaps are welcomed and you can submit results here.