Church Soccer

March 5, 2020

I have to start with a disclaimer…I know nothing about soccer and even less about church soccer.

Coming at you from the Soccer Haus in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I am seeing my first soccer game. No, I don’t mean my first rec league soccer game, I mean my first soccer game. I haven’t watched (or played) ever. The World Cup is not my first choice when it is on TV.

I do not know the rules or strategies to the game so I cannot tell you if the team is really playing well or not. It looks like fun. Know your lanes and head for the goal on offense. Clog the lanes and stay between your man and the goal on defense. Are they playing a man or a zone. Who cares…let’s dive into the action.

Soccer Dribbling
Matt dribbles the ball up field.

Game Recap

The Beth-El Blenders (the closest things I could think of resembling a Bethel College Thresher) are the team I was there to see. The Blenders are a team from the local church my family attends. They come out of the gate strong and aggressive. Thanks to superior play by goalie, Keith, a lot of shots on goal, and good defense the Blenders are ahead at half time 2-1.

Goalie Keith
Keith gets ready to make another save

Following a two minute break, the second half starts. The Blenders come out firing and getting some good quality shots. They were clearly fired up after leading the first half. Props to the goalie of the opposing team for keeping the Blenders from scoring. After the first 5 minutes, the Beth-El team starts to slow a little. Their lack of depth on the bench is starting to show and the team looks to be tired. That huge blue field certainly is a large amount of ground to cover.

At 19 minutes left, the opposition is attacking the goal. A deflected shot ricochets to the opposing team and they get an easy chip shot. The game is tied at 2 apiece. Beth-El comes back with another two shots on goal and another two saves by the goalie. These saves shift the momentum towards the opposing team. Beth-El gives up more goals around 17, 11, 9, and 3 minutes in regulation time. The Blenders find themselves down 6-2 until they score with a nice breakaway goal from Jordan.

Soccer Game
Matt watches as Colin fields the ball.

The end score is 6-3. The boys seems to have had a good time. When they come off the field, they are smiling and chatting with one another for a few minutes. The players change their shoes and off they go, heading (see what I did there) back home.

My First Soccer Experience

The whole experience lasted probably 1 and 1/2 hours which seems perfect for a weeknight game. 40 minutes of running and playing with a continuous clock is great. Remarks from the team say the Soccer Haus is reliable and on time. This promotes a good predictability when telling your family how long you will be away from the house.

Neither team tried to fight with the other and that is another thing I look at when deciding whether or not to try a new sport. Rec league basketball can easily get ruined by big egos. This game did not have the big egos, at least from what I could see on the sideline. All the players appeared to understand that this is rec league/church soccer. No one got injured and that is important. We all have to go to work the next morning in order to support ourselves and our families. I liked that about the game. It really looked as if it was friendly even though at times is could be rough and competitive.

Silly Jordan
Jordan is having some fun with church soccer.

Soccer does not appear to be my new game of choice although I am starting to understand the appeal. Church soccer was fun and I am sure a Major League Soccer game would be even better. Getting exercise is always a good idea. If the team plays again next year and the invitation is on the table, I may just be buying my first pair of cleats and a short pair of umbros. With that being said, whatever your game is, remember to keep it competitive and friendly. Until next time.

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