Can You High Flyers Relate?

March 8, 2020

Anybody know what causes this? Can you high flyers relate? Ok so maybe not only the high flyers but maybe some of you remember from back in your athletic days having a wrist that looks like this.

Sore Wrist. Picture entered to see if high flyers can relate to this pain.

Yes it is from dunking and dunk attempts. In case you had not already read about my goal and dunk training, you can see it here. Unfortunately, I did not get any video of the basketball games today and it was not that exciting anyway. After all of the games, myself and two other guys played a game of 21 on a short hoop. Dunk tips counted so of course we went hard for a game or two.

Looking for an adjustable hoop? Check out this one below.

So after all these games, the take way is that I am still training my body to react, jump, and finish at the rim. In game dunking also has a specific mindset and I was practicing that too. Being able to read the defense and recognize the situation to react with an explosion is super important. Part of the reason I still have not been able to get a clean dunk is simply because I cannot finish. I push the ball forward towards the back of the rim instead of down and through the rim. Of course a few more inches wouldn’t hurt (keep it clean you sickos) and I still think with better technique I could throw it down.

All games and all practices will help you with your goals. Of course you can’t spend all your time practicing silly games and expect to be the next LeBron James. You do need some real time experience at game speed and remember that perfect practice makes permanent. Until next time, play hard and keep it cool.